Our Story

What happens when a wandering cat and flighty bird meet at a nunnery in Myanmar for Thingyan celebration? Authentic connection, heart opening compassion, inner discovery, bonding over synergy, and the concept of Soulful Wandering is born with a pinkie-swear. Our agreement was simple yet authentic. We intend to utilize our skills in the healing arts by curating a group of people who are curious and desire to explore the deeper layers of Self. We also intend to encourage people to be mindful of the people, cultures and environments we wander in.


Cathy sit

Hi, I'm Cat. I am currently a wandering yogi, and student of the perennial wisdom traditions of Yoga, the Dao and Buddhism. I like to think of myself as an explorer of life, a seeker and a creator of flow. I believe that it is only through flow that you find a connection to your authentic self and that you can begin to live fully in this world.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, I have lived in the Middle East and Europe for almost a decade, with an insatiable wanderlust and adventurous soul. But, I have been on a journey that is about so much more than location. It has been a journey to self-awareness and inner healing, an ongoing journey to find and connect to my true purpose and my authentic self. After years of working in demanding corporate jobs, juggling work, family and relationships, I often found myself questioning why I was doing what I was doing, wondering if there wasn't more to all of this, if I was missing some bigger purpose. Unsettled by watching those around me live without flow, struggling to find their balance, happiness and health… my journey began.

My practice is about sharing my experience, my knowledge, and co-explore with you and together we can break through the conscious mind, moving you towards flow and balance. Inner exploration can be a deep and life-changing experience if you welcome it, and I would love to meet you where you are, as you are. Let's journey together to find connection, harmony and flow!


Karen Patterson

Hi, my name is Karen. I am a Brooklyn based yoga therapist, and mindfulness mentor. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. My passion for healing community, has lead me to infusing New York City Public schools with the tools of this ancient yet practical science. I have studied a wide array of healing techniques but have found the most important study thus far is studying myself. From an early age yoga has given me the platform to do so. I believe that the path to yoga does not always need to begin on a mat. Travel has been a big component in my exploration which peaked curiosity in my sense of relating to my inner and outer world. Curiosity of self is the gateway of understanding our own suffering and blockages that hinder us from living our truth.

My belief in yoga as a way of healing physically, mentally and emotionally, has led me to pursue my Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy at MUIH. I like to share mindful movement and breathing practices as tools to connect deeper to the authentic Self while instilling the skills of self-reliance. My goal is creating a safe container for you to explore and discover your own inner peace, courage, strength and ultimate potential. I hope to inspire and motivate you to live in a place of self-love and acceptance. In doing so we can begin to find our inner peace and exemplify this way of life, cultivating compassion in our outer interactions.