Our ApproacH TO Discover inner and outer landscapes

Our trek is a great physical feat in itself so we do not intend to give practices that expend more energy, but instead intend to restore and keep our bodies balanced. Our approach is one based in yoga therapy techniques. We will begin our session with a Mind Body Mapping Meditation, which will inform what is being held physically, mentally and emotionally. Each participant will then have a one on one interview to explore the intention of their journey. Our expertise will be used to encourage you on your own introspective process to incorporate into your trek through silent offering, walking meditation, journalling, yoga nidra and inquiry of thoughts that will come up in the process.


Mind Body Mapping

Mind-Body Mapping is an invitation to embark on a unique, explorative journey through a series of guided meditations intended to kindle reflection and creative expression of Self by drawing a personal map. We tap into creativity and curiosity to explore how emotions and energy interweave with sense of Self. Yoga Therapy builds awareness of physical sensation, breath, psycho-emotional state, intuition, and connection as essential dimensions of the experience of being human. Just as western psychology has theoretical structures of the psyche, yoga expresses human experience in terms of the koshas (or layers) that range from the physical to the subtle or energetic body. These systems frame ways of interpreting our experience of moving through our lives in our bodies. This journey is designed to give participants an opportunity to learn more about the koshas and to discover inner and outer landscapes within the aspects of being human.


YOGA therapy

The yogic tradition views people holistically, as a multidimensional system comprising of the body, breath, mind, emotions, and intellect. Yoga is an ancient science designed to promote health and well-being through self-awareness, mindful movement practices, breathing practices, and meditation. It is a system that supports personal change and transformation. These skills and techniques of yoga are deepened and expanded in yoga therapy as we work closely together on building your own personal plan. Yoga therapy practices are developed from scientific research to help mitigate physical, psychological and spiritual suffering. Therefore, yoga therapy is a highly individualized evidence-based holistic approach to wellbeing that encompasses physical health, mental health, lifestyle, relationships, and self-development.


yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is an effortless state of being. Although literally translated it means “yogic sleep”, it is in fact not a sleep, but an awakening! In Yoga Nidra, we can tap into the power of the unconscious mind and its linkage with the soul, it can be the path and realization of our true self and guide us to tune into the the interconnectedness with all of life. It also induces complete physical mental and emotional relaxation. The beauty of the practice is that must be experiential and only experience allows you to glimpse the truth of being: Being everywhere and nowhere, in a timeless state, being perfect as you are as a pure being and completely independent of doing anything. The practice engages all our mental faculties, higher mind and taps into collections of our past life impressions. It will take you effortlessly into a state of harmonious being ; from here may we find healing, insight and empowerment as we journey through through the body, mind and spirit.